Seesaw Is The Bomb

Y’all, these iPads that we have received at school have changed our classroom dramatically! Now that we are learning more about how to use them, they are an important part of our routines. We generally use them during Walk To Read, Tier 2, and then during math rotations. That doesn’t include various reward times when I think a kid deserves some extra playtime! Our tech people put a lot of cool apps on the iPads for the kids. So far, my favorite has to be Seesaw. So what is it exactly? Here’s an excerpt directly from their website:

When students add to their Seesaw journal, content is uploaded, organized by student, and immediately accessible to teachers from any device.

Seesaw makes it easy for students and teachers to review progress over time and demonstrate growth.

I like Seesaw because it empowers the kids and also still keeps the control in the hands of the teacher. The kids sign in using a QR code, which they love. Then, they can create work in various forms: video, picture with voice-over, drawing. So far, I have been training them to do a voice-over while writing on top of a picture of work I’ve bought off TPT.

The kids are still learning how to speak up so their voice can be heard clearly. When they are done creating their work, it is sent to me. Once I approve it, it gets put on their “feed” where all work is displayed.

The cool thing about Seesaw is that parents can be directly connected and able to view the work of their child. I love this because sometimes, it’s hard for me to remember to get graded papers sent home regularly. Okay, it’s always hard to remember! This way, the parents are always up to date on their child’s skills.

Seesaw gives students an authentic audience of their peers, parents and even other classrooms around the globe, encouraging better work and real feedback.

Teachers control who can view what student content, and can customize which feedback options are available in their class.

I love Seesaw and can’t wait to get the kids comfortable doing more advanced stuff with it!


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