Christmas in K

What a busy three weeks it has been since we came back from Thanksgiving! It went by slowly and yet, it was all a big Christmasy blur filled with elf shenanigans and Christmas ornaments! I’ve taken plenty of pictures so I will share them now.

We began the Christmas celebrating with a surprise delivery from our elf! This was an idea I stole from a blog. I’m not this creative. 🙂 the package was delivered by our secretary and it was even still cold from the North Pole!! (The office fridge) We read our Elf On the Shelf book and named our elf Rufus.

We also made plenty of ornaments. This was my favorite. I still have this one from when I was little, so I decided to have them make their own! The kids loved painting their reindeer.

Decomposing trees from One Sharp Bunch! 😍

My favorite thing that we worked on… snowmen! These were made for our parents. I LOVE how they turned out! Read more about them here. 

Making their Grinch faces. 😁

And finally, we made it to Friday! We celebrated with pajamas, Polar Express, and hot chocolate! They were enthralled with all the Christmas magic. It makes me so excited to see their faces light up over something as small as a candy cane to stir hot chocolate!

We ended the day with our book exchange. YAY!

Now, time to rest and relax until January. 🎄❤️


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