Seesaw Progress

Since we received 5 student iPads at the start of the year, I have fallen in love with Seesaw! I love the opportunities it gives to my kids with the iPads and I love how many different options it gives to the kids. I wanted to share a little more about the progress the kids have made since we started.

The kids have gotten more comfortable using the different features on Seesaw. I’d say the one we use the most is taking a picture of work and then completing it by drawing on Seesaw. This saves me tons of copies and it’s also way more engaging for the kids. They sometimes can record their voices. They love it and sometimes get carried away or simply forget that they are even recording…that’s something we’re working on! 😉

Other things we use Seesaw for:

  • After hearing a story, draw a picture to recap characters or favorite part. Record voice to explain.
  • Report card testing: I send them a sight word list. They record themselves reading them out loud. I can grade them in my own time and there’s record for the parents to see what they need to work on! Perfect.
  • Take picture of handwriting practice.
  • Reading fluency practice.


I love that I can communicate with parents directly on their work!!




Seesaw is an important part of our Math Centers! 

Things I WANT to use Seesaw for before the year is over:

  • Kids interviewing each other. We need training with the video feature.
  • Kids recording comments on others’ work or things that I add for them to watch. This is such a cool feature that Seesaw has!
  • More paper slide videos. We’ve done a couple of these but they require a lot of adult guidance. I’m thinking of making this a more regular occurrence so the kids can gain some independence with it!
  • Expanding on Flipped Classroom ideas. I have been slacking on that!



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