Technology Integration in Literacy

Oh, man, I’m excited to share this activity that I did with my students last week!

As my kids have gained more responsibility with the iPads, I have started introducing them to new apps as I learn about them. Our latest favorite is ToonTastic. It’s basically a way for kids to create a cartoon story with different story elements. The app would be awesome for older students who are working on story structure, but for kindergarten, we can still make it happen!

We began by reading aloud the book Nugget and Fang. Honestly, I chose it because I just bought it from the Book Fair and I was pumped to incorporate it into the day! They LOVED it!

Next, I showed them my very professional and impressive example of a re-telling of Nugget and Fang. This may be a slight exaggeration.

We discussed expectations thoroughly and then I set them loose with a trusty partner. My kids are learning so much about teamwork thanks to the iPads. I actually am thankful we only have 6 right now. It teaches them to work together peacefully.

What fun it was. I walked around the entire time assisting as needed. At the end of the day, we watched the videos together. Altogether, it was an awesome lesson that I’m super proud of!


Watch a couple of my favorites HERE or HERE!


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