I may be a little bit obsessed with Donors Choose. My Facebook friends are probably so over it. I can’t help but get excited about new opportunities for my students. Their excitement is what fuels mine! A few weeks ago, I decided to do one final project for the year. This one is dedicated to flexible seating. I wanted more options for my students, especially since they are maturing so quickly in this second semester. I’ve been noticing lately how well my students and I have been clicking. At this point in the year, we just understand each other! They’re almost first graders! Here’s what the project will get us:

-a READING TEEPEE, y’all. My teacher dreams are coming true.
-4 seat discs (in purple) for kids to sit on the floor. Plan = lower one of the round tables to sitting level.
-2 yoga mats for working while laying down. The kids love doing this.

Over the weekend, our project was funded!!! Here are some pictures of the kids already enjoying our prizes!


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