New Favorite App!

I have recently discovered the beauty of a new app called Pic Kids. It’s the kid version of Pic Collage. Can I just say that it is perfect for kindergarten? Or any grade, really. I have become just as obsessed as my children!

The app is pretty basic. It allows students to create a digital collage. The best part is that they can safely search for photos directly from the internet. This is a good way to introduce searching to little ones. They are still learning how to spell correctly, so I love that they can do voice activated typing. I get tickled when I hear a child repeating over and over as clear as they can, “TROLLS MOVIE” so that they can find some pictures from Trolls. I can’t blame em.

To introduce the app, I connected my iPad to the Smart Board with our Mirroring Assist app. This is so helpful when teaching a new app! I showed them the way around the app, like how to add stickers, how to label pictures, and how to search for images. The kids love that you can design the collage the way you want!

I found a cool activity from Technically It’s Kinder that we did today! My kids created collages of long U words (what we’re learning this week!). I pulled up the instructional slide on the board and put the kids into groups. They rocked this activity. They loved researching and finding pictures of long U words. The best part is that they had to sound out the word correctly to search and find the pictures. I didn’t let them “talk to type” in the search bar! When finished, they saved them and uploaded them to Seesaw.



Monday, I also used Pic Kids for the kids to complete a Math assignment. Since we have been working on measurement, I took a screen shot of a measuring activity and air-dropped it to my kid’s iPads. Then, they found stickers in the app that were “shorter” and “taller.”

I’m loving this new app and I love that we can use it across the entire curriculum! Next up is Science. We’ve been working on zoo animals because our field trip to the zoo is next week. I plan on having the students read animal books on Epic and then create collages about the animal they choose. This will require a lot more training but I think they will love it.

Getting random love notes from kids is nice, too. 🙂



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