Pic Kids in Math Centers

As we close out this school year, we are coming upon a new chapter in Go Math curriculum that focuses on sorting and measuring data. This is actually an easy standard to teach to my kinders since they are basically first graders now. When I think about the growth they’ve made (in EVERY way!), I’m blown away. I have to keep instruction exciting at this point in the year because I can FEEL their readiness for summer. I know I feel my own!

In case you’re wondering, Pic Kids has taken over Mrs. Carter’s class. Anytime my kids get free iPad time, they immediately ask if they can get on Pic Kids. They love the freedom they have to express themselves creatively. They also love using the voice-activated keyboard to search for pictures through Google.

I’ve made sure to integrate Pic Kids into occasional math center activities. Here’s one that we did last week when I taught how to sort and record data into a graph.

The kids were instructed to get into groups and record how they get home at the end of the day. I came up with this at the last minute, so I made this “worksheet” on Microsoft Word, exported it to .pdf, and saved it to my teacher iPad. Then I Air Dropped it to my students’ iPads and had them set it as the “background” on Pic Kids. Then, I had them take pictures of themselves (which they loved, of course!) to add to the graph. They then had to report to the class which mode of transportation had the most students in their group. I let them then expand by adding students from the other groups to see how many they could get. This was fun, loud, and a little bit chaotic. But it was the BEST kind of learning and that was evident!


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