Dr. Seuss Door

Door decorating has not been at the top of my priority list this year, but when my principal announced a door contest for Dr. Seuss week, I got pretty excited! Thanks to Pinterest research, I found an idea to go along with Oh, The Places You Will Go!

I had to improvise on paper colors because our school was short on supplies, but I love the way it turned out! 

I love any chance to get the kids doing silly poses. They looove the door and can’t stop talking about it or giggling when they pass by! 


Parent Gifts 2016

I decided this year that these kids deserve to create something really special for their parents–and the parents deserve something that is meaningful. I’ve had a great first semester with my kids. I found this idea through a blog post. These snowmen were a lot of hard work but totally worth it!! 

First, I measured the height of each child. Then, I went to Lowe’s and bought wood- 2x4s to be exact! This was a little more cost efficient than using the fence posts that the original blogger suggests. 

I had the kids paint them white all by themselves! This went a lot better than I feared. They were careful, considering I told them a million times to be EXTRA careful since it was acrylic paint!! They wore messy clothes that day. All the while, we kept it a secret from the parents! 

I glued on scrap pieces to make the hats for boys and added socks as “hats” for the girls. Then I tied a bow and added the scarves! 

I had some special helpers from church come and help me get them finished off! The kids got to use their finger to paint on the mouth and eyes, then we added the carrot nose and the poem. 

I’m proud of the effort that was put into these. I think that these snowmen will be a special decoration that will make the parents smile for years to come!

Christmas in K

What a busy three weeks it has been since we came back from Thanksgiving! It went by slowly and yet, it was all a big Christmasy blur filled with elf shenanigans and Christmas ornaments! I’ve taken plenty of pictures so I will share them now.

We began the Christmas celebrating with a surprise delivery from our elf! This was an idea I stole from a blog. I’m not this creative. 🙂 the package was delivered by our secretary and it was even still cold from the North Pole!! (The office fridge) We read our Elf On the Shelf book and named our elf Rufus.

We also made plenty of ornaments. This was my favorite. I still have this one from when I was little, so I decided to have them make their own! The kids loved painting their reindeer.

Decomposing trees from One Sharp Bunch! 😍

My favorite thing that we worked on… snowmen! These were made for our parents. I LOVE how they turned out! Read more about them here. 

Making their Grinch faces. 😁

And finally, we made it to Friday! We celebrated with pajamas, Polar Express, and hot chocolate! They were enthralled with all the Christmas magic. It makes me so excited to see their faces light up over something as small as a candy cane to stir hot chocolate!

We ended the day with our book exchange. YAY!

Now, time to rest and relax until January. 🎄❤️

Weekly Update

This post is specifically for my parents. I’m trying out a new method where I share our weekly Newsletter through the blog! Hopefully you’ll love it!

Upcoming Events:

9/14 – Fundraiser ENDS. Make sure everything is turned in before this day!
9/9 – Progress Reports go home. For Kindergarten, these will be behavior progress reports. For the next progress report, we will have academic grades included!

This upcoming week in Mrs. Carter’s Class:

Reading: Unit 1, Week 1. Time to get serious with our beginner readers!
-Letters Mm, Aa, Ss.
-Grammar: Nouns (aka naming words)

-Beginning/ending sound m. (map, monkey, Sam, gum)
-Beginning/middle sound a. (apple, alligator, Sam, bat)

Sight Words:

Our Ch. 9 2D Shape Test is on Wednesday. We will begin 3D shapes on Thursday.
2D shapes to know: circle, triangle, rectangle, square, hexagon, trapezoid

3D shapes to know: sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, pyramid

Class Wish List:
-White cardstock paper
-ABC magnets

A huge thank you to the parents who donated to my Donors Choose project. We will be getting a brand new set of Dr. Seuss books as well as a set of 17 Mo Willems books.
I am so thankful to this amazing group of parents. It’s evident to me that you all care deeply about your child’s success in kindergarten.

Ways to Help Your Child:
-Begin having them tell you to “catch the beginning sound” of a word. If you say “boat” they should say the /b/ sound.
-Work on WRITING!! I am really pushing handwriting/letter formation this year. I want these kids to be master writers when they enter 1st. We’ve worked on every letter so far. Make sure your child can write his/her first AND last name correctly.
-Check out websites like abcya.com and starfall.com. These are two of my go-to’s in the classroom. They have fun, interactive games that are also teaching them! Yay!

Here’s some pictures from the week. Feel free to explore the blog!

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The First Two Weeks

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been 2 weeks! Technically, a week and a half. But those first three days sure feel like a week!

With this being my second year teaching kindergarten, I am really trying  to be conscious about teaching procedures. I know that I rushed through it last year because I felt pressured to get the routines down. Because of that, I felt like they weren’t solid enough a few weeks in! So this year, I’m drilling those routines!!

I can already tell this is going to be a sweet bunch of kids. They love to share and love to help each other out. I see my kindergarteners from last year and feel some serious jealousy! They are so big and mature. But then I remind myself that they were once this little and my current kids are getting bigger by the day!

The first day of school. I actually had them sitting still for a few minutes! Notice that one (wearing green) is FAST asleep!! He slept through the whole day. Y’all, kindergarten is exhausting!!!

We’ve practiced lots of new things.. Including partner talk. Still working on that because sometimes they just kind of sit awkwardly and giggle together. 😂 We’ll get there.

I took the time this year to teach them how to cut–something I never thought of last year! I got the idea from Tara from Little Minds at Work, who I am KINDA obsessed with.

My favorite new thing I’ve been trying… Musical transitions! And of course, I’m picking music that brings everyone joy, including me. 😉For carpet transitions, we have the Office theme song.  I was inspired on Pinterest by this blog, and I’m planning to share my Powerpoint slide soon! The kids LOVE it. As soon as my Smart Board is installed, I plan to teach them to play the songs when I give a child a signal.

“The Mindy Project” theme song is our quick clean up song. I also started teaching the Rugrats theme for longer clean-ups, like when we begin centers.

Meet Your Teacher Freebie!

We are only days away from the beginning of the year!! I can’t believe it.
Our orientation is going to be a drop-in for the parents. I know it’s going to be crazy and I may not get a chance to talk to everyone thoroughly, so I decided to make something so that the parents and kids could get to know a little bit about me!


I’m planning to copy it on colored paper! If you want it for FREE, you can download it by clicking on the picture!

Font credit goes to Kimberly Geswein!

KG the Fighter

KG Let Her Go Outline

KG Neatly Printed

You can download ALL of the KG fonts here!

First Post

Welcome to my blog! I’m excited to start this as a place where I can share what I’m learning in my first few years of teaching. I’m always trying new things to see where I can improve and help my students! This blog will hopefully help me to be held accountable to find new and better ways to teach my little ones.

So, I’m heading into year two. I’m so excited to go into this year having one year under my belt! I feel a bit more confident and ready to start out with a new batch of kindergarteners. 🙂 

The best part about summer (besides endless Netflix, sleeping, pool and beach time, and free bathroom trips!) is the time I’ve had to work on my room! Woo! Check out my progress so far: