Pic Kids in Math Centers

As we close out this school year, we are coming upon a new chapter in Go Math curriculum that focuses on sorting and measuring data. This is actually an easy standard to teach to my kinders since they are basically first graders now. When I think about the growth they’ve made (in EVERY way!), I’m blown away. I have to keep instruction exciting at this point in the year because I can FEEL their readiness for summer. I know I feel my own!

In case you’re wondering, Pic Kids has taken over Mrs. Carter’s class. Anytime my kids get free iPad time, they immediately ask if they can get on Pic Kids. They love the freedom they have to express themselves creatively. They also love using the voice-activated keyboard to search for pictures through Google.

I’ve made sure to integrate Pic Kids into occasional math center activities. Here’s one that we did last week when I taught how to sort and record data into a graph.

The kids were instructed to get into groups and record how they get home at the end of the day. I came up with this at the last minute, so I made this “worksheet” on Microsoft Word, exported it to .pdf, and saved it to my teacher iPad. Then I Air Dropped it to my students’ iPads and had them set it as the “background” on Pic Kids. Then, I had them take pictures of themselves (which they loved, of course!) to add to the graph. They then had to report to the class which mode of transportation had the most students in their group. I let them then expand by adding students from the other groups to see how many they could get. This was fun, loud, and a little bit chaotic. But it was the BEST kind of learning and that was evident!


Measure A Friend

As the year draws to a close, we’re getting into some more laid back Math curriculum in K. Aka we made it through addition and subtraction! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ We started measurement this week. I decided to branch out a little bit from our Go Math curriculum and try a hands-on activity today. It got real loud and real crazy. But isn’t that when the best learning happens?

The students partnered up and got to measure a friend using connecting cubes. I had them estimate first, then record the actual length in cubes! They were so tickled (some literally) because they got to measure their partner’s ear, arm, leg, etc. 

I love teaching the students how to measure with standard and non-standard units of measure!

Next week, I plan to use rulers to record the progress of our flowers that we planted! The stems are already sprouting!! Oh, the excitement! 

Seesaw Progress

Since we received 5 student iPads at the start of the year, I have fallen in love with Seesaw! I love the opportunities it gives to my kids with the iPads and I love how many different options it gives to the kids. I wanted to share a little more about the progress the kids have made since we started.

The kids have gotten more comfortable using the different features on Seesaw. I’d say the one we use the most is taking a picture of work and then completing it by drawing on Seesaw. This saves me tons of copies and it’s also way more engaging for the kids. They sometimes can record their voices. They love it and sometimes get carried away or simply forget that they are even recording…that’s something we’re working on! πŸ˜‰

Other things we use Seesaw for:

  • After hearing a story, draw a picture to recap characters or favorite part. Record voice to explain.
  • Report card testing: I send them a sight word list. They record themselves reading them out loud. I can grade them in my own time and there’s record for the parents to see what they need to work on! Perfect.
  • Take picture of handwriting practice.
  • Reading fluency practice.


I love that I can communicate with parents directly on their work!!




Seesaw is an important part of our Math Centers!Β 

Things I WANT to use Seesaw for before the year is over:

  • Kids interviewing each other. We need trainingΒ with the video feature.
  • Kids recording comments on others’ work or things that I add for them to watch. This is such a cool feature that Seesaw has!
  • More paper slide videos. We’ve done a couple of these but they require a lot of adult guidance. I’m thinking of making this a more regular occurrence so the kids can gain some independence with it!
  • Expanding on Flipped Classroom ideas. I have been slacking on that!


Christmas in K

What a busy three weeks it has been since we came back from Thanksgiving! It went by slowly and yet, it was all a big Christmasy blur filled with elf shenanigans and Christmas ornaments! I’ve taken plenty of pictures so I will share them now.

We began the Christmas celebrating with a surprise delivery from our elf! This was an idea I stole from a blog. I’m not this creative. πŸ™‚ the package was delivered by our secretary and it was even still cold from the North Pole!! (The office fridge) We read our Elf On the Shelf book and named our elf Rufus.

We also made plenty of ornaments. This was my favorite. I still have this one from when I was little, so I decided to have them make their own! The kids loved painting their reindeer.

Decomposing trees from One Sharp Bunch! 😍

My favorite thing that we worked on… snowmen! These were made for our parents. I LOVE how they turned out! Read more about them here.Β 

Making their Grinch faces. 😁

And finally, we made it to Friday! We celebrated with pajamas, Polar Express, and hot chocolate! They were enthralled with all the Christmas magic. It makes me so excited to see their faces light up over something as small as a candy cane to stir hot chocolate!

We ended the day with our book exchange. YAY!

Now, time to rest and relax until January. πŸŽ„β€οΈ

Decomposing 10 Turkeys

I have to share this awesome activity I bought from One Sharp Bunch on TpT. With our two-day week before Thanksgiving, I decided to do something a little more hands-on and different. We’ve just started working on decomposing the number 10. I couldn’t resist when I found this activity. It made perfect sense! 

On Monday, I showed the kids how to play the game. You shake the cup of 10 counters and dump them out, arranging them on the 10-frame. You then count the reds and yellows and set up the feathers to match the 10-frame. I had the kids practice on their own to see if they could master the skill. 

Then on Tuesday, the kids got to create their own turkey. I had them dump the counters just once and then make their turkey based on that. They loved it and did a great job! 

I’m loving the way they look on the wall! 

This may just be my new favorite craft. It’s directly aligned to what we’re learning and it’s engaging and interactive. That’s the perfect activity!

Weekly Update: 11/7-11/11

This week in kindergarten…Letter: Oo

Sight word: you (practice nightly!)

Math: numbers 6-10

Social Studies: veteran’s day

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday: progress reports go home

Friday: Veteran’s Day holiday – no school!

11/17 – holiday pictures

11/23-11/25 – Thanksgiving holiday

This is a short week for the kids since we don’t have school tomorrow or Friday!

I have been uploading some of our progress report testing to Seesaw. Check it out to see how your child is doing!

Here are the words your child is being tested on. To help them, create some flash cards and review them nightly!

A, can, I, like, see, we, the, am, two, one, three, red, four, five, green, black, brown, and, are, go, do, he, my, to, with, you, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, yellow, blue
Wish list: I am in great need of ziploc bags!! Any size- gallon, quart, etc. We use them for many things in our class and I am out! 😳