Walk to Read

Our kindergarten team decided to try out a new strategy this year for our guided reading groups. It’s called Walk to Read and it’s awesome! The first grade team started it last year and had huge success from it, so why not?

What we do:
After giving an assessment to all of the kindergarten students, we were able to see where they stood with their beginning reading skills. We then divided them up into differentiated groups: approaching, on level, and beyond. I am teaching the approaching group to start this year. My biggest goal is to teach the kids their letters and sounds! Since I have a whole class of students who are on the same general reading level, I can target their needs more specifically and help them grow!

What it looks like:
I have divided my group into 4 smaller groups. They have begun rotating among 4 stations.
-small group
-technology center (computers for now, iPads when they get set up!)
-work at your seat (this is where we get to implement our alternative seating. Yay!)
-hands-on games
After we rotate four times, they head back to their class! Walk to Read takes up about 1 hour of the day. 

What we’re doing in small group:
-We’re hitting the alphabet hard so that our kids can get their letters and sounds. My partner teacher and I have begun using Tara West’s Lettervention curriculum…have I mentioned how much I love Tara West and everything she creates? We’re also learning how to track words while we read. I can’t wait to see the progress they make over the next few months!

Lettervention rocks!

Of course, creating rotations just gives me more reason to create a table to show the kids where to go. I love making tables. I pull up this slide when the kids come in and they can look to see where they are going for each round. We transition between rounds with the Doug  theme song. They have no idea what the music is but I sure do love it!


After one week, I’ve already seen benefits. I spent some time yesterday looking at each student’s work. I was able to see trends–what are they missing? What are they catching onto quickly? What area do I need to spend a bigger focus on next week? These are things I can figure out more easily now that I have a class full of students who are on the same level as far as reading progress. I’m excited to see what lies ahead for us in Walk To Read!


Weekly Update for 9/12-9/16

Hey, all!

This week was a good one in our class. Probably because it was short. 😉 I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures this week, but we sure were working hard!


Upcoming Events:

9/14 – Fundraiser ENDS. Make sure everything is turned in before this day!
**Please return PICTURE ORDERS ASAP!**
9/21 – Picture orders due
9/19 – 9/22: BOOK FAIR! One of my favorite times of the year. We have Grandparent shopping times on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Grandparents can stop by during lunch and take their child to the book fair afterwards to shop!

This upcoming week in Mrs. Carter’s Class:

Reading: Unit 1, Week 2. Time to get serious with our beginner readers!
-Letters Mm, Aa, Ss.
-Grammar: Nouns (aka naming words)

-Beginning/ending sound m. (map, monkey, Sam, gum)
-Beginning/middle sound a. (apple, alligator, Sam, bat)

Sight Words:

Chapter 10, 3-dimensional shapes.

3D shapes to know: sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, pyramid

Class Wish List:
-White cardstock paper
-ABC magnets

Ways to Help Your Child:
-Begin having them tell you to “catch the beginning sound” of a word. If you say “boat” they should say the /b/ sound.
-Work on WRITING!! I am really pushing handwriting/letter formation this year. I want these kids to be master writers when they enter 1st. We’ve worked on every letter so far. Make sure your child can write his/her first AND last name correctly.

Walk To Read: 
As you may have heard during Open House, we have decided to start Walk to Read for one hour of our day in kindergarten. The students have all been tested and placed into reading groups based on their abilities. I will be teaching the approaching reading group in my classroom. Students from every class will come to me and we will meet for small group, as well as other centers. Your child should come home with a letter informing you of what teacher they have for Walk to Read. ALL of the teachers are collaborating to make sure we help the kids become the best readers. This method has been proven to work for the other grades in our school. We believe it will help them excel. Let me know if you have questions!

Resources for Home:

Apps: ABC Magic Phonics, Magic Spell, 10 Frame Fill.
Youtube links to watch:
ABC Sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36IBDpTRVNE

Count to 100 by 10’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQSdKlNvrmw 

Count to 100 by 1’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAxmBJ5ufL8

Sight Words https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idexNu0SZpU
ABC Chart: I use this daily in small groups. You can print it at home and have your child practice reading each letter and saying the sound. Example: “A. /a/ /a/ /a/” Download it HERE!!!