Dr. Seuss Week

This week was Read Across America week, AKA Dr. Seuss week! As a teacher, there isn’t much I enjoy more than sitting down in front of my kids on the carpet and reading aloud an engaging story to them. I love seeing them engaged in a good book. 

Our principal came to the classroom Friday as a special guest teacher!

Making oobleck was a fun time. I’ve never tried it before and I was surprised at how difficult it was to stir and combine water and corn starch, but it finally came together. The kids were more excited about this than anything I’ve seen before. They were dying to touch the oobleck. We all loved how it oozed but when you touch it, it’s solid! Crazy. They loved listening to Bartholomew and the Oobleck as well! 


Turkey Directed Draw

It’s Thanksgiving week and we only have one more day until three days off!! I sure am missing having our week-long break, but that’s the way the pecan pie crumbles. That sounded better in my head. Having these two extra days does give us some time to get the fun turkey crafts underway! We got a ton of things done today. I finally caved in and decided to let them try using watercolors to paint a directed drawing. I think they handled it splendidly! (Only one spill 😁) We used this directed drawing from Proud to Be Primary

They dried quickly, so I laminated them for durability and sent them home today! 

Pumpkin Investigation

A few weeks ago, we spent an afternoon on pumpkins! I love incorporating pumpkins into our everyday routines in October. The kids had a blast on our field trip to the pumpkin patch–where they each got to take home a pumpkin! I decided to keep them at school for a few days to have a pumpkin painting party. They loved this. It was a big step for me because I get super anxious placing paint in front of a bunch of five-year-olds! 😉 They handled it wonderfully!
At the end of the week, we had our pumpkin investigation. I brought a pie-sized pumpkin and had all of the kids sit on the carpet in a circle. We conducted a few experiments on the pumpkin..seeing if it floats, estimating the lines, and estimating the seeds on the inside! By far, my favorite part was when I cut it open and let the kids stick their hand inside to pull out some seeds. Most had never experienced this before and the looks on their faces were priceless! They described the feeling as “creepy,” “squishy” and “disgusting.” Hehe.

October was a great month in our class and I think this activity was the perfect finish to the month!

Weekly Update: October 24-28

What a week last week was! The kids had a blast during all of the homecoming celebrations. We also had a fun week learning about bats  during science and social studies.

This week will be awesome. Why? Well, for one, our field trip is on Tuesday! I know I am excited. Please make sure you stay informed on Class Dojo about any changes. We plan to leave at 7:45 central from the school. We will return before the school day ends!

This week is Red Ribbon Week. Here is a reminder of the dress-up days:
Monday: Wear RED
Tuesday: No dress up for us because of field trip. Wear an ORANGE shirt for the field trip
Wednesday: CrAzY hAiR day!
Thursday: Camo day!
Friday:Wear black & white

Don’t forget: sign up for Seesaw!

Upcoming dates:
Tuesday 10/25: The fall festival will be after school.

10/28: class Halloween party. More info soon!

11/10: Progress reports go home
11/11: Veteran’s Day – no school
11/17: Holiday pictures

This week in…
Reading: Letter Nn, sight word “And”
Math: Comparing numbers test = Wednesday. Chapter 3 on numbers 6-10 begins Thursday!
Science: Pumpkin investigation

Helpful Videos:
Count to 100 by 10s
 Count to 100 by 1s


Apple Racing!

This past week was apple week in kindergarten! We talked about Johnny Appleseed, the beginning of fall, and the way an apple grows. Oh, and we ate a LOT of apples! 

I saw this genius idea on Pinterest and thought it would be the perfect STEM activity to conclude our Science unit on motion. 


Those race tracks were actually just a vinyl gutter from Home Depot. It only cost me around $3.00 to buy that and have it cut in half. I think it’ll be a good thing to have for future fun activities as well! 

Before we raced, I had just one track set up. We printed what makes an apple roll fast or slow, adjusting the ramp to be higher or lower. I made this recording sheet so that the kids could draw out our findings! 

The kids loved getting to do something that was out of the ordinary!