Pic Kids in Math Centers

As we close out this school year, we are coming upon a new chapter in Go Math curriculum that focuses on sorting and measuring data. This is actually an easy standard to teach to my kinders since they are basically first graders now. When I think about the growth they’ve made (in EVERY way!), I’m blown away. I have to keep instruction exciting at this point in the year because I can FEEL their readiness for summer. I know I feel my own!

In case you’re wondering, Pic Kids has taken over Mrs. Carter’s class. Anytime my kids get free iPad time, they immediately ask if they can get on Pic Kids. They love the freedom they have to express themselves creatively. They also love using the voice-activated keyboard to search for pictures through Google.

I’ve made sure to integrate Pic Kids into occasional math center activities. Here’s one that we did last week when I taught how to sort and record data into a graph.

The kids were instructed to get into groups and record how they get home at the end of the day. I came up with this at the last minute, so I made this “worksheet” on Microsoft Word, exported it to .pdf, and saved it to my teacher iPad. Then I Air Dropped it to my students’ iPads and had them set it as the “background” on Pic Kids. Then, I had them take pictures of themselves (which they loved, of course!) to add to the graph. They then had to report to the class which mode of transportation had the most students in their group. I let them then expand by adding students from the other groups to see how many they could get. This was fun, loud, and a little bit chaotic. But it was the BEST kind of learning and that was evident!


New Favorite App!

I have recently discovered the beauty of a new app called Pic Kids. It’s the kid version of Pic Collage. Can I just say that it is perfect for kindergarten? Or any grade, really. I have become just as obsessed as my children!

The app is pretty basic. It allows students to create a digital collage. The best part is that they can safely search for photos directly from the internet. This is a good way to introduce searching to little ones. They are still learning how to spell correctly, so I love that they can do voice activated typing. I get tickled when I hear a child repeating over and over as clear as they can, “TROLLS MOVIE” so that they can find some pictures from Trolls. I can’t blame em.

To introduce the app, I connected my iPad to the Smart Board with our Mirroring Assist app. This is so helpful when teaching a new app! I showed them the way around the app, like how to add stickers, how to label pictures, and how to search for images. The kids love that you can design the collage the way you want!

I found a cool activity from Technically It’s Kinder that we did today! My kids created collages of long U words (what we’re learning this week!). I pulled up the instructional slide on the board and put the kids into groups. They rocked this activity. They loved researching and finding pictures of long U words. The best part is that they had to sound out the word correctly to search and find the pictures. I didn’t let them “talk to type” in the search bar! When finished, they saved them and uploaded them to Seesaw.



Monday, I also used Pic Kids for the kids to complete a Math assignment. Since we have been working on measurement, I took a screen shot of a measuring activity and air-dropped it to my kid’s iPads. Then, they found stickers in the app that were “shorter” and “taller.”

I’m loving this new app and I love that we can use it across the entire curriculum! Next up is Science. We’ve been working on zoo animals because our field trip to the zoo is next week. I plan on having the students read animal books on Epic and then create collages about the animal they choose. This will require a lot more training but I think they will love it.

Getting random love notes from kids is nice, too. 🙂


Rainbow Rhymes for Fluency


We are enjoying Spring Break right now. I’m so glad our last day before break was St. Patrick’s Day because we got to celebrate leading up to Friday with plenty of fun Spring-related activities. One of my favorite crafts that I did with my students last year was this rainbow construction paper craft. I decided to step it up this year. I have a group of amazing readers and they love to work on fluency. After we made the crafts, I had them upload a picture of their work to Seesaw. They recorded themselves reading the poem out loud and it was so impressive!


I then used the app to create a QR code that linked to each student’s video. After printing them, I attached them to each of their crafts and displayed them in the halls. This is my first time using a QR code in the hallway but I think it’s the perfect way to pull in technology while also allowing the students to take ownership of the work others can see when they pass by! Anyone can use their device to scan and watch them read their poem.

Technology Integration in Literacy

Oh, man, I’m excited to share this activity that I did with my students last week!

As my kids have gained more responsibility with the iPads, I have started introducing them to new apps as I learn about them. Our latest favorite is ToonTastic. It’s basically a way for kids to create a cartoon story with different story elements. The app would be awesome for older students who are working on story structure, but for kindergarten, we can still make it happen!

We began by reading aloud the book Nugget and Fang. Honestly, I chose it because I just bought it from the Book Fair and I was pumped to incorporate it into the day! They LOVED it!

Next, I showed them my very professional and impressive example of a re-telling of Nugget and Fang. This may be a slight exaggeration.

We discussed expectations thoroughly and then I set them loose with a trusty partner. My kids are learning so much about teamwork thanks to the iPads. I actually am thankful we only have 6 right now. It teaches them to work together peacefully.

What fun it was. I walked around the entire time assisting as needed. At the end of the day, we watched the videos together. Altogether, it was an awesome lesson that I’m super proud of!


Watch a couple of my favorites HERE or HERE!

Lately in K

Wow, the holidays have really thrown me off of my blogging game! I can’t believe we’re already nearing the end of February! My kids have experienced their first 100th Day of School and their first school Valentines Day!!! (My favorite kindergarten holiday.) We had a blast. We’ve learned new things on Seesaw and also started using new technology that I received in a Donors Choose project! We got Osmo, an AWESOME interactive game for the iPad. It can be played in math and reading. They looooooooove Osmo. I can’t wait to discover more about it.

Upcoming Dates:

Feb 20 – President’s Day – no school
Feb 27 – March 3 – Dr. Seuss week (more info to come)
March 3 – Daddy Daughter Dance
March 13 – Report Cards go home
March 20-24 – Spring Break

This week in Reading: Letters Xx & Vv
This week in Math: ADDITION!

100th day celebrations! 

Seesaw Progress

Since we received 5 student iPads at the start of the year, I have fallen in love with Seesaw! I love the opportunities it gives to my kids with the iPads and I love how many different options it gives to the kids. I wanted to share a little more about the progress the kids have made since we started.

The kids have gotten more comfortable using the different features on Seesaw. I’d say the one we use the most is taking a picture of work and then completing it by drawing on Seesaw. This saves me tons of copies and it’s also way more engaging for the kids. They sometimes can record their voices. They love it and sometimes get carried away or simply forget that they are even recording…that’s something we’re working on! 😉

Other things we use Seesaw for:

  • After hearing a story, draw a picture to recap characters or favorite part. Record voice to explain.
  • Report card testing: I send them a sight word list. They record themselves reading them out loud. I can grade them in my own time and there’s record for the parents to see what they need to work on! Perfect.
  • Take picture of handwriting practice.
  • Reading fluency practice.


I love that I can communicate with parents directly on their work!!




Seesaw is an important part of our Math Centers! 

Things I WANT to use Seesaw for before the year is over:

  • Kids interviewing each other. We need training with the video feature.
  • Kids recording comments on others’ work or things that I add for them to watch. This is such a cool feature that Seesaw has!
  • More paper slide videos. We’ve done a couple of these but they require a lot of adult guidance. I’m thinking of making this a more regular occurrence so the kids can gain some independence with it!
  • Expanding on Flipped Classroom ideas. I have been slacking on that!


Weekly Update: 11/7-11/11

This week in kindergarten…Letter: Oo

Sight word: you (practice nightly!)

Math: numbers 6-10

Social Studies: veteran’s day

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday: progress reports go home

Friday: Veteran’s Day holiday – no school!

11/17 – holiday pictures

11/23-11/25 – Thanksgiving holiday

This is a short week for the kids since we don’t have school tomorrow or Friday!

I have been uploading some of our progress report testing to Seesaw. Check it out to see how your child is doing!

Here are the words your child is being tested on. To help them, create some flash cards and review them nightly!

A, can, I, like, see, we, the, am, two, one, three, red, four, five, green, black, brown, and, are, go, do, he, my, to, with, you, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, yellow, blue
Wish list: I am in great need of ziploc bags!! Any size- gallon, quart, etc. We use them for many things in our class and I am out! 😳