I may be a little bit obsessed with Donors Choose. My Facebook friends are probably so over it. I can’t help but get excited about new opportunities for my students. Their excitement is what fuels mine! A few weeks ago, I decided to do one final project for the year. This one is dedicated to flexible seating. I wanted more options for my students, especially since they are maturing so quickly in this second semester. I’ve been noticing lately how well my students and I have been clicking. At this point in the year, we just understand each other! They’re almost first graders! Here’s what the project will get us:

-a READING TEEPEE, y’all. My teacher dreams are coming true.
-4 seat discs (in purple) for kids to sit on the floor. Plan = lower one of the round tables to sitting level.
-2 yoga mats for working while laying down. The kids love doing this.

Over the weekend, our project was funded!!! Here are some pictures of the kids already enjoying our prizes!


Weekly Update for March 6-10

Last week was busy and crazy with us celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday! We are officially in March now! The year is flying by. 

Don’t forget to send money for the book fair!

Upcoming Dates:

This week: book fair!

March 14 – report cards go home

March 20-24 – Spring break!
This week:

Math: we are taking our addition test tomorrow and beginning subtraction on Tuesday!

Reading: letters Yy and Zz.
Classroom Wish List: 

-plastic cups

-white cardstock paper

Recap from last week:

We finished off February by presenting our Black History Month posters! 

Dr. Seuss week was a blast! We even had Mrs. Smith come teach a lesson to the kids! They loved it.

Weekly Update for 11/14-11/18

NOVEMBER! I love it. I feel like time is flying by and soon it will be Christmas! The kids and I have already been listening to Christmas music while working. I can’t help myself. It sets such a peaceful mood in the room. Last week I had a “fire” going on Youtube. Pure bliss.

We have a busy couple of weeks ahead. Parents, make sure that you start on our Tom the Turkey projects soon! Get creative! I am also sending home a second project Monday: a pillowcase design project for the kids to wear during the Thanksgiving feast. The “feast” will be set up in the kindergarten hallway. The kids will be dressed up and will get to eat some fun Thanksgiving-themed snacks. We get really into Thanksgiving in our kindergarten pod and I hope you’ll support your kids in all the fun we have planned!

You are welcome to stop by the party on next Tuesday afternoon. It will be a little crowded since we are out in the hallway..just a fair warning 🙂

Upcoming Events:
11/17: Holiday pictures
11/18: Tom the Turkey project due
11/17: (Monday) pillowcase project due
11/22: Thanksgiving party
11/23-25: No School! Thanksgiving break

Items needed in the classroom: ziploc bags (quart or gallon sized!!!)

Weekly Update for 10/31-11/4


Thanks to some awesome parents and random donors on Donors Choose, our most recent project was funded over the weekend. Your kids will be getting new sets of Legos and Play-Doh this week. I plan to implement more social play time for the kids in the mornings with these items. I also want to use the Legos to help with reading and math. If you have any creative ideas, send them my way! For example, in reading, we could read a story and then build the setting with Legos. 

This week in kindergarten…
Letter: Cc. 

Sight word: go (practice nightly!)

Math: numbers 6-10

Social Studies: election

Don’t forget: sign up for Seesaw! If you need a new sign up sheet, just ask. I won’t judge you!!! 😉 I don’t want anyone to miss out on this cool opportunity to be update daily on your child’s work and get to see the cool things they create!

**We will be learning about the letter C and how it makes a hard sound like in “cat” and a soft sound like in “cereal.” I plan to send out a video explaining it a little bit to the kids because this is a tricky concept for them. If you talk about it at home with them, it will definitely help them to understand the difference and to also not get the soft C mixed up with S. 

Upcoming dates:.

11/8: Election Day/no school for kids! 
11/10: Progress reports go home

11/11: Veteran’s Day – no school

11/17: Holiday pictures

The pumpkin patch was a blast!!

Cutie pies at the patch!

Thursday, we did a pumpkin investigation.

Pictures from math centers!

Photo booth fun. I couldn’t resist these monster props at Target. 😳

Weekly Update: October 24-28

What a week last week was! The kids had a blast during all of the homecoming celebrations. We also had a fun week learning about bats  during science and social studies.

This week will be awesome. Why? Well, for one, our field trip is on Tuesday! I know I am excited. Please make sure you stay informed on Class Dojo about any changes. We plan to leave at 7:45 central from the school. We will return before the school day ends!

This week is Red Ribbon Week. Here is a reminder of the dress-up days:
Monday: Wear RED
Tuesday: No dress up for us because of field trip. Wear an ORANGE shirt for the field trip
Wednesday: CrAzY hAiR day!
Thursday: Camo day!
Friday:Wear black & white

Don’t forget: sign up for Seesaw!

Upcoming dates:
Tuesday 10/25: The fall festival will be after school.

10/28: class Halloween party. More info soon!

11/10: Progress reports go home
11/11: Veteran’s Day – no school
11/17: Holiday pictures

This week in…
Reading: Letter Nn, sight word “And”
Math: Comparing numbers test = Wednesday. Chapter 3 on numbers 6-10 begins Thursday!
Science: Pumpkin investigation

Helpful Videos:
Count to 100 by 10s
 Count to 100 by 1s


Weekly Update: 9/26-9/30

Happy fall, everyone! Don’t forget to turn in your September Book It forms this week if you and your child have completed 6 or more books!

Exciting News:
Have you heard of ABC Mouse is a website with TONS of amazing educational activities that you can use to help your child out! The best part is that teachers can sign up for free. I have set up our classroom on ABC Mouse so that each child has a profile. You can download the app on a tablet or phone  OR you can use it on the computer. I will be printing and sending home codes that you can use so that your child can play this in the evenings whenever you want. I can assign them to lessons that they will need to complete in school or at home! We’ll be using this at school during centers.

This week is apple week at school. We are celebrating the beginning of fall by having lots of fun apple-related activities. We are learning about Johnny Appleseed and how he contributed to America!

**Parents, a typical day in our class is busy from start to finish! I am working on becoming better at checking folders for any forms or money. I can’t always find the time to check in the mornings. Please remind your child to hand me anything directly so that I don’t miss it! Thank you!

This week:
Letter of the week: Pp.
Letters we’ve learned: M, A, S.

Sight word of the week: a
Sight words we have learned: I, can, the, we, see

Math: This week we are starting numbers 1-5. A good way to help at home is to find objects around the house that your child can count. 1-1 correspondence is key–aka touching each object as they go so they don’t skip or double count any objects. Also, have them practice writing their numbers.

Upcoming Dates:

9/30 – Book It log due
10/13 – Report Cards go home
10/14 – COLOR RUN
10/25 – Fall Festival

-In need of PLAY-DOH! Please consider sending in some Play-Doh for our hands-on centers! The kids LOVE it!

We love play-doh during morning work time!

Fun Ideas For Home:



Flexible Seating Rocks!

I recently got a Donors Choose project funded for four Wobble Stools. They are perfect for kids who don’t like to sit still while they work. 

I’ve been working on teaching new routines to the kids, one of the hardest being independent work time! They just aren’t used to sitting still and getting to work. They work on “seat work” while I am pulling small groups to my table. 

I’ve decided this year to attempt to allow the kids to pick their spot to work. They can sit on the floor, at a table, in wobble stools, or in our ball seats that I made last spring! I even have a pink chair that is extra special that friends can sometimes sit in. 

The kids are loving it. I’m hoping this can be something we do all year long! 

My smooth jazz pandora station is really setting the mood, too! 🙂