Classroom Update

Hey, parents!

These last few weeks of school are going to truly fly by. Your babies are almost first graders! How crazy?! I am already sad thinking about not getting to see them everyday. Really. The end of the year is the best time because it’s warm, we get outside more, and we get to start end-of-the-year celebrations. We have a lot coming up so I will keep you updated as often as possible through Dojo!

In case you missed it, our latest Donors Choose project was funded! You can see pictures here. 

Upcoming dates:

Friday – GOOD FRIDAY. NO school
4/21 – Progress Reports go out
4/17 – Send in orange shirts by this day (Monday)
4/26 – 4/27 – DIBELS testing
4/28 – Field Trip to Montgomery Zoo!
5/11 – Art In The Dark
5/23 – Kindergarten Graduation
5/24 – Last official day of school for students

Things to remember about the field trip:

The more volunteers, the better! Just remember that you will need to drive separately and there is a district rule that students must ride the bus to and from the zoo! Students should wear tennis shoes or other sturdy closed-toe shoes!

The kids cheered on the upper grade students before they took the ACT aspire test today!

Harlie loves the new teepee!

A new game to practice long vowels


Lately in K

Wow, the holidays have really thrown me off of my blogging game! I can’t believe we’re already nearing the end of February! My kids have experienced their first 100th Day of School and their first school Valentines Day!!! (My favorite kindergarten holiday.) We had a blast. We’ve learned new things on Seesaw and also started using new technology that I received in a Donors Choose project! We got Osmo, an AWESOME interactive game for the iPad. It can be played in math and reading. They looooooooove Osmo. I can’t wait to discover more about it.

Upcoming Dates:

Feb 20 – President’s Day – no school
Feb 27 – March 3 – Dr. Seuss week (more info to come)
March 3 – Daddy Daughter Dance
March 13 – Report Cards go home
March 20-24 – Spring Break

This week in Reading: Letters Xx & Vv
This week in Math: ADDITION!

100th day celebrations! 

Weekly Update: Jan 9-13

We had a great first mini-week back to school. The kids and I talked about things we want to learn this semester. We reviewed expectations and procedures. Best of all, our Fun Friday reward was such a blast! My new Play-Doh and Legos from Donors Choose + Beanie Babies + my husband’s childhood Legos = crazy fun. They were loving it. I really enjoy seeing the kids totally engaged in their own imaginations. When I gave them the options of which activity to choose, I also had computers as an option. When I asked who wanted computers, NO ONE raised their hand! They were all holding out for the other activities. Victory!!!

The kids are loving learning new techniques on Seesaw! Currently working on taking good overhead pictures to upload. Sometimes it’s okay to stand in your chair 😉

This upcoming week doesn’t have a whole lot going on! Don’t forget about MLK day next week.


Jan 16 – MLK Day – no school
Jan 31 – Cookie Dough fundraiser kick-off

I sent home a new reading homework sheet last week that I plan to use the rest of the year. The kids will benefit from this because they are becoming more fluent readers. It might be rough at first but by the end of the year, I think they will be more than ready for what is expected of them in 1st grade. Please be completing homework each night with your child. It’s so important and I can truly tell which ones are getting that extra dose each night!

Classroom Items Needed:

Ziploc bags, white copy paper


Do you have a free day of the week where you could come by in the morning? I am looking for a volunteer to come and help me in the classroom. You would be working with a small group of students on a reading activity or game. Please message me on Dojo if you are interested. You can also pass along this info to grandparents!

Thanksgiving Feast Recap

Today was too fun! It was our last day before our Thanksgiving Break and we celebrated big time. 

The kids looked fabulous in their Indian costumes (made from pillow cases). We started our morning off by creating the Indian headbands. (Feather hats as they called them. ) 

We don’t use markers everyday so this was a treat for them! 

For math today, we created these ADORABLE decomposing 10 turkeys from One Sharp Bunch. We introduced the craft yesterday and went through the game to get comfortable with it. Today, the kids got to make their turkeys. I love them! 

Our feast was pretty fancy. Parents worked so hard this year to make things the kids would love! 

I love how our kindergarten hallway turns into a big banquet hall. We got to make these placemats to dine on. It all felt very fancy. You know, for kindergarten.

It was total chaos in a good sort of way! I hope I’ve helped to create some good memories for these sweet kids! 

Weekly Update: October 24-28

What a week last week was! The kids had a blast during all of the homecoming celebrations. We also had a fun week learning about bats  during science and social studies.

This week will be awesome. Why? Well, for one, our field trip is on Tuesday! I know I am excited. Please make sure you stay informed on Class Dojo about any changes. We plan to leave at 7:45 central from the school. We will return before the school day ends!

This week is Red Ribbon Week. Here is a reminder of the dress-up days:
Monday: Wear RED
Tuesday: No dress up for us because of field trip. Wear an ORANGE shirt for the field trip
Wednesday: CrAzY hAiR day!
Thursday: Camo day!
Friday:Wear black & white

Don’t forget: sign up for Seesaw!

Upcoming dates:
Tuesday 10/25: The fall festival will be after school.

10/28: class Halloween party. More info soon!

11/10: Progress reports go home
11/11: Veteran’s Day – no school
11/17: Holiday pictures

This week in…
Reading: Letter Nn, sight word “And”
Math: Comparing numbers test = Wednesday. Chapter 3 on numbers 6-10 begins Thursday!
Science: Pumpkin investigation

Helpful Videos:
Count to 100 by 10s
 Count to 100 by 1s


Weekly Update for 10/17-10/22

Another great week has come and gone in our class! Thanks to all the parents who came out to support the kids in their Color Run. They seemed to have a blast and were quite worn out by the end of the day! 

We have a lot of business coming up. Don’t forget that this week is Homecoming Week. Here is the dress-up schedule:

Upcoming Dates:

10/21: SSHS Homecoming parade

10/25: Field trip to Paradise Pumpkin Patch in Eufala. We need volunteers to chaperone and would love to have you! Please let me know if you would like to chaperone. 

10/25: Fall Festival (in the evening)

10/28: pumpkin book report due 

Coming up soon:

The pumpkin book report paper is coming to you early this week!

Thanks to an awesome parent volunteer, we managed to get some crafting done last week!
Working on ways to make 5!

This week:
Reading: letter Ii. Word: to

Writing: Beginning to write sentences from a model. 
Math: beginning our chapter on comparing numbers 1-5. Help your child by showing them sets of objects and asking which has more or which has less

Weekly Update: 10/9-10/13

Last week was a busy one! It is so fun to be a teacher in October. Even mentioning Halloween makes their faces light up in excitement. I want to bring that excitement into the classroom for the whole month! I’m working on some fun crafts and projects. Thanks for working so hard on the Timeline projects. The kids loved dressing up and showing off a little bit about their life before kindergarten!

Upcoming Dates:
10/13: Report cards go home!
10/14: COLOR RUN. Send in donations ASAP!
10/21: SSHS Homecoming parade
10/25: Field trip!!!
10/25: Fall Festival (in the evening)

The color run is a huge fundraiser for our school. Please get family and friends to sponsor your child in the run by donating money! You should’ve gotten a yellow form about it. If you need another, message me.

** if you didn’t order a Color Run shirt, have your child wear a white shirt you don’t mind getting dirty. The pretty colors will show up better if they’re wearing white! 🙂

The run will be Friday and you are invited to come watch. I’m assuming kindergarten will be running around 12:00. I will find out specifics on that and let y’all know. The event takes place at the back of the school in a fenced in area.

Yes, I said that! We have booked a field trip for Tuesday, October 25th to Paradise Pumpkin Patch in Eufala. The pumpkin patch is SO fun and we are pretty excited. I NEED VOLUNTEERS!! Parents, come hang out with us on the field trip! The more the merrier!
Yes, the fall festival will be that evening and it’s loads of fun as well! Will I be tired after that day? YEP!
Coming up soon:
We will be having a Pumpkin Book Report coming up in a couple of weeks, so be on the lookout for a paper about that!


Source: Simply Kinder blog

This week:

Reading: Review letters from units 1 & 2: Mm, Ss, Aa, Pp, Tt. Sight words: like, we, the, see, I, a

Math: Finishing up our chapter on numbers 1-5! We have our test on Thursday.

Ways to help at home:
–  Help your child learn how to count objects. They need to master 1-1 correspondence, meaning that they touch each item as they count them.