Weekly Update for March 6-10

Last week was busy and crazy with us celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday! We are officially in March now! The year is flying by. 

Don’t forget to send money for the book fair!

Upcoming Dates:

This week: book fair!

March 14 – report cards go home

March 20-24 – Spring break!
This week:

Math: we are taking our addition test tomorrow and beginning subtraction on Tuesday!

Reading: letters Yy and Zz.
Classroom Wish List: 

-plastic cups

-white cardstock paper

Recap from last week:

We finished off February by presenting our Black History Month posters! 

Dr. Seuss week was a blast! We even had Mrs. Smith come teach a lesson to the kids! They loved it.


Dr. Seuss Week

This week was Read Across America week, AKA Dr. Seuss week! As a teacher, there isn’t much I enjoy more than sitting down in front of my kids on the carpet and reading aloud an engaging story to them. I love seeing them engaged in a good book. 

Our principal came to the classroom Friday as a special guest teacher!

Making oobleck was a fun time. I’ve never tried it before and I was surprised at how difficult it was to stir and combine water and corn starch, but it finally came together. The kids were more excited about this than anything I’ve seen before. They were dying to touch the oobleck. We all loved how it oozed but when you touch it, it’s solid! Crazy. They loved listening to Bartholomew and the Oobleck as well! 

Dr. Seuss Door

Door decorating has not been at the top of my priority list this year, but when my principal announced a door contest for Dr. Seuss week, I got pretty excited! Thanks to Pinterest research, I found an idea to go along with Oh, The Places You Will Go!

I had to improvise on paper colors because our school was short on supplies, but I love the way it turned out! 

I love any chance to get the kids doing silly poses. They looove the door and can’t stop talking about it or giggling when they pass by! 

Lately in K

Wow, the holidays have really thrown me off of my blogging game! I can’t believe we’re already nearing the end of February! My kids have experienced their first 100th Day of School and their first school Valentines Day!!! (My favorite kindergarten holiday.) We had a blast. We’ve learned new things on Seesaw and also started using new technology that I received in a Donors Choose project! We got Osmo, an AWESOME interactive game for the iPad. It can be played in math and reading. They looooooooove Osmo. I can’t wait to discover more about it.

Upcoming Dates:

Feb 20 – President’s Day – no school
Feb 27 – March 3 – Dr. Seuss week (more info to come)
March 3 – Daddy Daughter Dance
March 13 – Report Cards go home
March 20-24 – Spring Break

This week in Reading: Letters Xx & Vv
This week in Math: ADDITION!

100th day celebrations! 

Seesaw Progress

Since we received 5 student iPads at the start of the year, I have fallen in love with Seesaw! I love the opportunities it gives to my kids with the iPads and I love how many different options it gives to the kids. I wanted to share a little more about the progress the kids have made since we started.

The kids have gotten more comfortable using the different features on Seesaw. I’d say the one we use the most is taking a picture of work and then completing it by drawing on Seesaw. This saves me tons of copies and it’s also way more engaging for the kids. They sometimes can record their voices. They love it and sometimes get carried away or simply forget that they are even recording…that’s something we’re working on! ­čśë

Other things we use Seesaw for:

  • After hearing a story, draw a picture to recap characters or favorite part. Record voice to explain.
  • Report card testing: I send them a sight word list. They record themselves reading them out loud. I can grade them in my own time and there’s record for the parents to see what they need to work on! Perfect.
  • Take picture of handwriting practice.
  • Reading fluency practice.


I love that I can communicate with parents directly on their work!!




Seesaw is an important part of our Math Centers! 

Things I WANT to use Seesaw for before the year is over:

  • Kids interviewing each other. We need training┬áwith the video feature.
  • Kids recording comments on others’ work or things that I add for them to watch. This is such a cool feature that Seesaw has!
  • More paper slide videos. We’ve done a couple of these but they require a lot of adult guidance. I’m thinking of making this a more regular occurrence so the kids can gain some independence with it!
  • Expanding on Flipped Classroom ideas. I have been slacking on that!


Weekly Update: Jan 9-13

We had a great first mini-week back to school. The kids and I talked about things we want to learn this semester. We reviewed expectations and procedures. Best of all, our Fun Friday reward was such a blast!┬áMy new Play-Doh and Legos from Donors Choose +┬áBeanie Babies +┬ámy husband’s childhood Legos = crazy fun. They were loving it. I really enjoy seeing the kids totally engaged in their own imaginations. When I gave them the options of which activity to choose, I also had computers as an option. When I asked who wanted computers, NO ONE raised their hand! They were all holding out for the other activities. Victory!!!

The kids are loving learning new techniques on Seesaw! Currently working on taking good overhead pictures to upload. Sometimes it’s okay to stand in your chair ­čśë

This upcoming week doesn’t have a whole lot going on! Don’t forget about MLK day next week.


Jan 16 – MLK Day – no school
Jan 31 – Cookie Dough fundraiser kick-off

I sent home a new reading homework sheet last week that I plan to use the rest of the year. The kids will benefit from this┬ábecause they are becoming more fluent readers. It might be rough at first but by the end of the year, I think they will be more than ready for what is expected of them in 1st grade. Please be completing homework each night with your child. It’s so important and I can truly tell which ones are getting that extra dose each night!

Classroom Items Needed:

Ziploc bags, white copy paper


Do you have a free day of the week where you could come by in the morning? I am looking for a volunteer to come and help me in the classroom. You would be working with a small group of students on a reading activity or game. Please message me on Dojo if you are interested. You can also pass along this info to grandparents!

Classroom Goals for Spring 2017

Hey, 2017! It’s been half a year with my cutie pies in kindergarten. I’m feeling (MOSTLY) refreshed and ready to tackle the second semester.

I’ve decided to create some personal classroom goals for myself as a teacher. Three simple goals that I hopefully can accomplish by May.


  1. Stop wasting their time. A lot of times this semester, I have found myself being lazy with updating center activities or finding more challenging work for the kids. This is a smart bunch so I don’t want them to miss out on challenges that they can definitely handle. I hope to improve in searching for more teachable moments and in creating more challenging activities that will get their creative juices flowing.
  2. Re-teach expectations. Last year, it took a while to get my class back into the “school flow” in January. I found myself getting frustrated with them for being chatty in the hallway. My plan this year is to spend the first three days reminding them of hallway expectations and other simple routines that we may be slipping on…center rotations, bathroom behaviors, etc.
  3. Listening to what they want. Every week on Fun Friday, it is really tempting to just put on a movie for the last few minutes of the day so that I have time to prepare for the next week. I realized that this may not be enough of a motivator for them throughout the week. I’m going to start discussing a plan with them early in the week so that we can work on earning a reward for Friday. I know they would love some more time with our Play-Doh, Legos, or a dance party on YouTube! ­čÖé



As a class, we discussed goals and things we would like to learn in the spring. We did a writing activity and I loved some of the things the kids wrote!